Monday, 21 November 2016

Quentin James and the Global War Games

Whether feminine intuition or simply luck; Esme couldn’t say, but she called a halt and motioned for everyone to take cover.
‘Let’s take a minute or two to get our bearings and agree on the plan in case I’m hit.’
It was a good idea and her team melted into the jungle, forming a rough circle so they had all approaches covered.
‘Contact,’ they all heard whispered over their headgear.
‘Where?’ hissed Esme, annoyed she had to ask.
‘Sorry Leader, Scorpion 2 here, I am at your one o’clock.’
Esme looked forward and slightly right and would not have seen Norman had he not told her where he was. His cover was impressive.
‘Ok everyone, get nice and small and let them pass.’
Hearts beating fast her team curled up small and hid, trying to hold their breaths, even though their helmets would mask their breathing. Hands curled around their guns, fingers hovered over their triggers, palms slick with sweat.
Esme tensed as she saw glints of gold and red moments before the figures of the Dragon soldiers materialised out of the greenery.


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