Thursday, 24 November 2016

Quentin James and the Arctic Adventure

Bluey took her foot off the break and slammed it on the accelerator and the car leant into the corner and shot out onto the straight road, picking up speed again.
Explosions erupted to the right and left of the car, the gravel and dirt pattering across the roof and bonnet.
‘Woo hoo!’ cried Bluey, ‘Fantastic! Explosions and helicopters, you went all out Unwin.’
Unwin looked back between Clive and Quentin strapped in on the back seat to see a helicopter weaving back and forth behind them, trying to line up to shoot again.
‘That’s not one of ours,’ Unwin said, ‘Drive!’
Bluey pressed the pedal to the floor again, and the car leapt forward. Just in time as twin explosions threw up fire and dirt behind them.
‘Is this a company car?’ yelled Clive.
‘Not the time Clive,’ yelled back Unwin.
Bluey spun the car around the bend and into some trees.
One tree exploded into splinters.
‘Well that’s not very green friendly,’ Bluey said, her eyes glued to the road ahead as it rushed at her.
‘Press the centre panel on the radio,’ Clive called out, ‘trust me.’
Unwin glanced back and then pressed the panel as Clive had asked.
The panel whirled and spun and came away in his hand.
‘Give it to me,’ Clive screamed above the sound of helicopter that was right above them.
Unwin flipped it backwards and Clive caught it deftly.
They all ducked as the sound of gunfire burst into life.
Holding it like a games controller Clive pressed buttons.
‘Get ahead of the helio, about ten metres,’ he instructed Bluey
Bluey was swerving right and left to avoid the gunfire and on hearing Clive’s command, spun the car to the left, taking another path through the trees, momentarily leaving the helicopter behind.
Clive focused on the image of the helicopter weaving across a tiny screen in the controller, waiting for it to line up.
As Bluey powered the car forward, Clive waited for the green light and with a cry of ‘YES.’ he pressed a button. There was a sudden whoosh and seconds later the helicopter disintegrated in a huge explosion, a secondary explosion ripped the last sections apart and it fell to the ground as a pile of scrap metal.
‘Woo who!’ screamed Bluey, fuelling her cry with the fear and adrenaline that raced through her veins.
The car shot out of the woods and tore along the dirt path, Bluey sliding the car onto the road putting her foot hard down on the accelerator. The car shot off as the tires bit into the tarmac pushing it even faster.
‘OK Bluey, you can slow down now,’ said Unwin.
‘Not unless those blokes in the car behind are friendlies,’ Bluey said glancing in the rear view mirror.
Unwin looked behind and frowned, ‘Clive?’
‘Hang on; let’s see what we’ve got.’
Clive tapped the button on the left of the controller scrolling through the options.

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