Sunday, 24 September 2017


Unrequited blends the musicality and vigour of the hit TV show SMASH and the haunting emotions of SCROOGE within an unforgettable romance story.
Writer Simon Smith spends his days and nights creating fantastical worlds within his novels, but when he inherits The Old Abernathy Theatre, truth becomes stranger than fiction.
The once-beloved theatre fell into ruin following a deadly fire that took the lives of its long time proprietors. Now it’s Simon’s job to breathe life into the crumbling structure and reclaim its rightful place in the theatre world. But as he plans to put on the first show since the fire, an encounter with Linda, an old school friend and unrequited love of Simon’s turns his life upside down, and together they investigate the occurrences of that fateful night and the truth behind a much sought-after painting.

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