Thursday, 6 July 2017

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This is an absolutely terrific book. Whilst it had me totally into it by chapter two, the writing and storyline just got better and better. I loved the way that historical facts threaded through the story so naturally and interestingly. The pace was splendidly timed. The setting of the black house, I could see as if it were a movie. The characters of a Famous Five ilk but in modern day, so they had a great deal of depth and divulged much of what it's like to be 12, 13 year old kids. The mother of Alex was not the cliched mother in a mystery book, but a solid character. Great twists with the dark stranger's identity that I won't divulge here. Also, the English-meet-American cultural differences are always a joy to read. I could go on, but just to say that this is a very good book. Well done, Simon Hartwell. I highly recommend your book.

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