Monday, 13 March 2017

The Library
Every small town in America has a house that is, well, creepy, spooky, scary even, and Alex Powell inherited such a house in the small town of Danville USA.

‘What wrong with this house,’ said Alex, ‘apart from being old?’
‘Once you go in, you never come out,’ said Katie.
‘Never a scream, never a shout,’ said Lucy.
‘Never heard again or seen about,’ said Chuck.

Arriving late the day before, and no time to explore the house, Alex goes to his new school hoping to make friends for the Summer Holidays. Chuck, Chip, Katie and Lucy chase Alex, not to bully him, as he believes, but to warn him about the dangers of the Black House and a new friendship begins.

Alex invites them to look around his new home and together they explore the old creaky house and discover the Library, a room that sits in the middle of the house and reaches from the bottom, all the way to the top, crammed full of books.

Lucy tells Alex all about the origins of the Black House and the legend of the lost Confederate Treasury buried in a graveyard under his house. Katie and his friends’ believe it’s not safe for Alex to remain in the Black House and invite him for a sleepover. They realise there is another stranger in town looking for the treasure and worse, Alex’s mum is missing. Unwilling to wait until morning Alex and his friends return to the Black House and the Library, to discover a book on the desk and their adventure begins.

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