Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hi all.
  Currently I am utilising the services of the Writers and Artists to review:-
Quentin James and the Undercover Agent and Quentin James and the Jacobite Gold.
The Undercover Agent received expected feedback and the opening chapters have been changed accordingly.
The Jacobite Gold report should arrive tomorrow, so fingers crossed it's not too damning.

The Witches' Eye, which is a Macbeth driven fantasy diversion from the espionage plots of the pervious adventures, has been completed and edited a couple of times. I want to edit one more time for grammatical errors and sentence structure.

I have started notes on
Quentin James and the Castle of Adventure but may shelve that for
Quentin James and the Escape from Colditz which is a prequel to The Undercover Agent.
In truth everything depends on the report coming in for Jacobite Gold.

Having failed another round of Agent hunting I am feeling a little deflated but will no doubt pick myself up and try again soon enough.

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