Sunday, 7 June 2015

   A companion adventure to Quentin James.

Pete opened his eyes and the closed them again.
That’s not right, he thought
He opened them again and looked up at the blue skies above.
That’s not right, he thought again.

He rolled over and his eyes widened.
I’m not wearing my pjs, I’m not wearing anything!

He sat up, rubbing his faced, trying to force his brain to think.
Dreaming; must be. Why am I always naked in my dreams? At least I am not in school this time, he thought.

It looked familiar but he couldn’t place it.
‘Hey mate, you might want to get dressed, Becky’s over there and coming this way.’

Pete twisted his body around to see Clive walking towards him.
‘Where’d you get clothes from?’

Clive pointed to a patch of forest behind him.

'Over there, there’s some there for you too. Hi Becky,’

Pete spun back, faced suddenly ablaze to find Becky standing there looking at him.
‘Hello Pete, Clive, so you are in this dream too. Why aren’t you dress?’

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